Technical specifications.


Replace 400 Watt MH floodlights and area lights one for one, without sacrificing light output.

Serious energy savings.

150W FXLED and ALED reduces energy consumption by 66%, which really adds up in energy cost savings.

Thermal technology.

LED and driver lifespan is dependent on temperature. RC's patent pending thermal management system utilizes airflow through and around the FXLED and ALED to keep it running cool for a long, long time.


A variety of mounting options are available:

  • Floodlight Trunnion: for buildings, walls and other flat surfaces.
  • Floodlight Slipfitter: for mounting to poles with 2 3/8" tenons.
  • Area Light: for pole mounting with 0.75 EPA, and optional slipfitter arm.
  • Wallpack: for mounting on building walls.

Area light optics.

150 Watt LED area lights are available in three different IES types: II, III and IV.

Even more wattages.

LED floodlights and area lights are also available in 78W, 105W and 125W.

But wait, there's more.

Stay on guard.
Optional poly-shield and wire guard
available for extra protection and security.
For low traffic areas and further energy reductions, bi-level configuration allows 50% output and 100% output modes.
0-10V dimming option is available
for the 150W FXLED.
100,000 hours.
At 10 hours daily use, RC LEDs are rated to last 27 years, dramatically reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.
5 year warranty.
The RC LED warranty covers light output,
color stability, driver performance and paint finish.
Get more savings with utility rebates.
DLC approved for 150W FXLED.