Cutting edge technology.

The new 18 Watt LPACK is designed with next generation LED chips and phosphor, precision engineered optics and super high efficiency driver.

Compare 18W to 20W.

150 Watt equivalency.

18W LPACK replaces 150W metal halide fixtures one-for-one.

Mounting options.

Wallpacks available with a junction box or surface mount.
Also available as an area light for mounting on poles.

18 Watt area lighting.

18W ALED is available, replacing 150W MH with 50% more light output than 20W ALED.

But wait, there's more.

Photocell option.
For additional savings, a button
photocell option is available.
Utility rebates.
Get more savings with utility rebates.
18W wallpacks and area lights are
DLC approved.
5 year warranty.
RC warrantees light output, color
stability, driver performance and paint finish.
See our full LED Warranty >>
100,000 hour lifespan.
At 10 hours daily use, RC LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.