1,000W equivalent LED area lights.

Up to 37,000 lumens

Mounting options.

360W & 260W ALED is available in pole and slipfitter mount.

IP66 rated.

IP66 rating ensures no water
will ever get inside the fixture.

Thermal management.

Superior patent pending thermal management design with Air Flow technology provides maximum operational life.


360W & 260W ALED comes
standard with 0-10V dimming.

Wallpacks too.

LED Wallpack also come in 360W and 260W. Arm and flat mount available.

Multi-level control
Optional integrated motion
sensor/photocell for
multi-level control.
Two detection patterns available.
Twistlock photocell
360W & 260W and
WPLED are available in 347V.
Twistlock photocell can
support up to 347V.
Bi-level dimming
Optional bi-level dimming
is available for 360W &
260W ALED, enabling
25, 50 or 75% dimming.
ALED360 Surge Protection

10kV surge protection upgrade.

360W & 260W ALED and WPLED come standard with
4kV surge protection. For areas prone to surges, an optional
10kV surge protector is available as an accessory.

Get rebates
Save even more with utility
rebates. 360W & 260W ALED
and WPLED in pole mount
are DLC approved.
100,000 hours
At 10 hours daily use,
RC LEDs are rated to last 27 years,
dramatically reducing maintenance
and re-lamping costs.
5 yr warranty
RC warrantees LED light
output, color stability,
driver performance and
paint finish.

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