Outdoor Dimmable LED Lighting


High-output, high efficiency FXLED floodlights
with 0-10V dimming. Available in 150W, 125W
and 78W.

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Dimmable LED Floodlights

Area Lights

Specification-grade area lights available in IES Type
II, III, IV and V distributions. 0-10V dimming available
in 150W, 125W, 78W, 50W and 26W.

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Dimmable LED Area Lights


Wide range of dimmable LED wallpacks come in 150W, 125W, 50W and 26W versions.

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Dimmable LED Wallpacks

SLIM Wallpacks

SLIM LED wallpacks deliver impressive light distribution with a compact low-profile design. Dimmable versions come in 26W, 18W and 12W.

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Dimmable LED SLIM Wallpacks

Garage Lights

Dimmable LED garage lights replace up to 250 Watt MH. Available in 78W, 52W and 26W.

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Dimmable LED Garage Lights

Pendant Lights

LED pendant lights with precision optics for smooth and uniform distribution. Dimmable versions come in 78W, 52W and 2x26W.

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Dimmable Pendant Lights

Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights that are ideal for retail settings, workspace lighting. Dimmable versions come in 52W and 2x26W.

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Dimmable Ceiling Lights

Roadway Lights

LED roadway lights deliver efficient, clean and uniform light distributions. Dimmable versions come in 150W, 125W, 78W and 50W.

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Dimmable LED Roadway Lights