Architectural grade at an affordable price.

3-in-1 housing. One-of-a-kind downlight.

The 3" NDLED housing delivers innovative design flexiblity. Now you can install the rough-in first, and decide between a downlight, adjustable or wall washer later.

Our patented, center-axis adjustment blade enables precision beam angle positioning and a 360° pivot, allowing contractors and lighting designers to quickly install and swap out optics and trims from below the ceiling.

80° or 50° beam
40° or 20° beam
40° vertical adjustment
360° rotation

Durable design.

Durable die-cast aluminum trim cones are available in trimmed and trimless options, in both round and square models.

IC housing accommodates downlight,
adjustable and wall washer trim cones.

VAN1LED Options

Install in wet locations.

NDLED3 can be installed as a downlight
or wall wash in bathrooms,
or on porches and canopies.

Universal dimming.

(0-10V, ELV, TRIAC)

High CRI versions.

The RC 5-year no
compromise warranty
covers LED light output,
color stability, driver
performance and paint finish.
The NDLED3 universal
housing component is
certified air tight
per ASTM E283.
100,000 hr lifespan at
10 hours daily use,
rated to last 27 years.


Universal Rough-In Housing

VAN1LED Options

Trim Cone

VAN1LED Options

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VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix

VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix