Now with new round dome option
Lighting for pathways of all shapes and sizes.
Three lumen packages with up to 360° coverage.
Performance Table
Lighting for pathways of all shapes and sizes.
Available in 24W, 18W & 12W versions to provide 360°, 270°, 180° & 90° lighting patterns.
New dome top option.
The BLED’s sleek, round models are now available with the classic, popular dome top design.
No Glare.
Precision-engineered optics deliver maximum downward lighting without glare.
Easily upgrade to LED.
Retrofit adapter available so you can replace existing bollards with LED.
Precision Installation.
Four leveling screws make it easy to fine tune mounting adjustments on uneven surfaces.
Seriously heavy duty.
New dome top option, designed for super-sturdy installation, BLED will stand up to almost anything. Polycarbonate lens is durable and vandal resistant.
Battery backup option.
Emergency lighting supplies power for 90 minutes without having
to wire an external backup system. (24W LED bollards only)
Get fast payback.
With annual energy savings of up to 80%, combined with the reduced maintenance cost that comes with installing LED, the BLED can pay for itself in no time.
(Assumptions: 18hrs/day, 365 days/yr at $0.10/kWh)
Save more through utility rebates. LED bollards are DLC approved.
100,000-hour LED lifespan based on IES LM-80 results and TM-21 calculations
The RC 5-year no compromise warranty covers LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish.

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