Good things still come in small packages.

The low profile design of the Bullet measures in at just
4 3/4" x 4 1/2" while delivering up to a whopping 1,914 lumens.

Dual or single configurations.

The Bullet flood is available as a dual or single headed fixture, in bronze, white,
verde green or black finish, formulated for high-durability and long-lasting color.

75 watt equivalency.

Each Bullet flood is equivalent to a 75W BR/Halogen/Wide flood.

Light where you need it.

Adjustable heads give you light where you need it.
Equivalent to 2x75W BR/halogen/wide floods.

Uplight or downlight.

Bullet can be mounted as a downlight, or as an
uplight on a RC Mighty Post or junction box.

Easy mounting.

Universal mounting plate makes it easy
to install Bullet on a round or square box.

No glare.

Microprismatic Solite® diffusion lens
optimizes light output without glare.

Wait, there's more.

The Bullet flood can be
dimmed down to 5%.
Big rebates.
Get big rebates with DLC approved
Bullet floods (neutral and cool
color temperatures).
5 year warranty.
RC warrantees LED light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish for 5 years.
100,00 hour LED lifespan.
At 10 hours daily use, RC LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.

LED Bullet Flood 12W

12W LED equivalent to 75W BR30/halogen/wide flood. Available in black, white, bronze and verde green.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Color Temp LumensCRI L70 LifespanDLC
BULLET12YVG RCLVerde Green12143000K (Warm)125183100000No DLC
BULLET12YW RCLWhite12143000K (Warm)125183100000No DLC
BULLET12YB RCLBlack12143000K (Warm)125183100000No DLC
BULLET12YA RCLBronze12143000K (Warm)125183100000No DLC
BULLET12NVG RCLVerde Green12134000K (Neutral)126484100000No DLC
BULLET12NB RCLBlack12134000K (Neutral)126484100000No DLC
BULLET12NW RCLWhite12134000K (Neutral)126484100000No DLC
BULLET12NA RCLBronze12134000K (Neutral)126484100000No DLC
BULLET12VG RCLVerde Green12135000K (Cool)124082100000No DLC
BULLET12B RCLBlack12135000K (Cool)124082100000No DLC
BULLET12W RCLWhite12135000K (Cool)124082100000No DLC
BULLET12A RCLBronze12135000K (Cool)124082100000No DLC

LED Bullet Flood 2x12W Adjustable Dual Heads

Two adjustable 12W LED floodlights. Equivalent to 2x75W BR30/halogen/wide floods. Microprismatic diffusion lens optimizes light output without glare.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Color Temp LumensCRI L70 LifespanDLC
BULLET2X12NA RCLBronze24264000K (Neutral)252884100000No DLC
BULLET2X12NW RCLWhite24264000K (Neutral)252884100000No DLC
BULLET2X12NB RCLBlack24264000K (Neutral)252884100000No DLC
BULLET2X12A RCLBronze24265000K (Cool)248082100000No DLC
BULLET2X12W RCLWhite24265000K (Cool)248082100000No DLC
BULLET2X12VG RCLVerde Green24265000K (Cool)248082100000No DLC
BULLET2X12B RCLBlack24265000K (Cool)248082100000No DLC
BULLET2X12NVG RCLVerde Green24264000K (Neutral)252884100000No DLC
BULLET2X12YVG RCLVerde Green24273000K (Warm)250283100000No DLC
BULLET2X12YW RCLWhite24273000K (Warm)250283100000No DLC
BULLET2X12YB RCLBlack24273000K (Warm)250283100000No DLC
BULLET2X12YA RCLBronze24273000K (Warm)250283100000No DLC