Built to last. Designed to save.
VAN1LED™ vandalproof canopy lights reduce energy costs by up to 88%.

Upgrading to LED is clean and simple.

Canopy lights often leave unsightly discoloration behind during
replacement. VAN1LED provides seamless replacement of
traditional canopy fixtures like the RC incandescent VAN1.

Canopy Lights Upgrading


Dimmable with Triac or ELV dimmers.

Vandal and UV resistant.

VAN1LED was designed with tamper-proof screws and lenses made of polycarbonate textured opaque material that's tough as nails and delivers smooth glare-free light.

Big rebates
Save more through utility
rebates. VAN1LED comes
in DLC approved models.
50,000 hr lifespan
At 10 hours daily use,
VAN1LED is rated to last
over 13 years, dramatically
reducing replacement costs.
5 yr warranty
The RC 5-year no compromise
warranty covers LED light output,
color stability, driver performance
and paint finish.

Ready to order? Just follow the matrix.

VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix