Retrofit downlights now
offer more but cost less.

90 CRI. Adjustable option.
Priced right.
6" Version
14W Adjustable 11W 9W
4" Version
11W Adjustable 11W 9W
VAN1LED Options

4" and 6" models
with either fixed or
adjustable heads.

4" version is available in 9W and 11W
downlights, and 11W adjustable.

6" version is available in 9W and 11W
downlights, and 14W adjustable.

High efficacy and standard
90 CRI at an affordable price.

Easy by design.

When it's all about fit, you want to be sure that
it works the first time around. 6" DLED is designed
for easy installation into 5" and 6" housings.

Superior thermal management
with heat-dissipating fins.

Easy to upgrade to LED

Edison E26 Medium Base socket
adapter included.


with TRIAC and ELV
type dimmers.

up to


savings per year

Get fast payback.

With annual energy savings of up to $38,
combined with the reduced maintenance
cost that comes with installing LED, the
DLED can pay for itself in less than 6 months.

For even more savings,
all DLED models are
Energy Star certified.
50,000 hr lifespan
at 10 hours daily use.
RC LEDs are rated to last
over 13 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and
re-lamping costs.
Fixture operation and
paint finish are covered
by a 5-year warranty.


Available in white finish.
Fits 4" RC DLED fixtures.
Available in white finish.
Fits 6" RC DLED fixtures.


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VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix