Introducing HAZBAYLED™

Class I Div 2 LED high bay.

Designed with over 50 years of experience in hazardous location lighting.

RC HAZBAYLED Performance

High performance in hazardous locations.

HAZBAYLED is designed to perform in areas with hazardous materials such
as flammable gases or vapors. Get up to 70% reduction in maintenance
and energy costs compared to conventional metal halide systems.

NEC Class I, Divison 2, Groups A, B, C and D.

Class I:
A hazardous location in which flammable
gases or vapors may be present in the air in sufficient
quantities to be explosive or ignitable, such as petroleum refineries, aircraft hangars, dry cleaning plants, utility gas plants or storage areas for liquified petroleum or natural gas, and spray finishing areas.


Division 2:
Abnormal condition, for example:
Closed storage drums containing flammable liquids
in an inside storage room would not normally allow
the hazardous vapors to escape into the atmosphere. But if one of the containers is leaking, you've got an abnormal condition.

 HAZBAYLED Division 2

The gases and vapors of Class I locations
are broken into four groups by the Code: A, B, C,
and D. These materials are grouped according to the ignition temperature of the substance, its explosion pressure, and other flammable characteristics.

Group A:The only substance in Group A is acetylene
because it is a gas with extremely high explosion pressures.

Group B:This group includes hydrogen and other materials with similar characteristics.

Group C:Included in this group is ethylene and other similar substances.

Group D:Found in Group D are many of the most common flammable substances such as butane, gasoline, natural gas and propane.

HAZBAYLED Shock Resistant

Resistant to shock and vibration.

The rugged construction of HAZBAYLED is resistant to shock
and vibrations, ensuring long-life and safe operation.

Aisle optics improve visibility.

Got a warehouse lined with racks filled with pallets and boxes? AISLED optics
spread light uniformly across the vertical face of the racksdown an aisle,
putting the light where it's really needed.

HAZBAYLED Aisle optics

The result is improved visibility and readability of box faces on the racks in
an aisle. No more hot-spot glare on higher shelves that are produced
by traditional high bays.


T-code temperature rating.

With a T3A rating, HAZBAYLED runs much cooler than
equivalent incandescent and metal halide fixtures.

Secure mounting.

Be code compliant with the HAZBAYLED. Each unit can be
mounted with a 3/4" NPS pendant mount (pendant by others).

HAZBAYLED Secure Mounting

Bi-level option.
For low traffic areas and further energy
reductions, bi-level configuration allows
50% output and 100% output modes.
0-10V dimming option is
available for the HAZBAYLED.

5 year warranty.
HAZBAYLED 10 Year Warranty
RC warrantees LED light output, color
stability, driver performance and paint finish 5 years.
100,000 hour LED lifespan.
HAZBAYLED 100,000 Hour LED
At 10 hours daily use, RC LEDs
are rated to last 27 years, dramatically
reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.

How to order.

Ordering HAZBAYLED is easy. Just follow the matrix.
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