Multiple power packages.

AEROBAY comes in 260W, 175W, 125W and 90W versions,
delivering ultra-high efficiency up to 137 lm/W.

Stays cool.

24/7 operation at high ambient
temperatures (up to 55°C).

HAZBAYLED Shock Resistant

Ain’t no ceiling high enough.

Ideal for 50 ft mounting heights in
warehouse or industrial applications.

Add Lightcloud lighting controls for minimal cost.

Including the factory-installed Lightcloud option is a no-brainer.

Emergency Battery

Available as an option on all
models. See matrix below.

Standard 0-10V Dimming

Triac and ELV type dimmers.

up to


savings per year

Get fast payback.

With annual energy savings of up to $71 per fixture,
combined with the reduced maintenance cost that
comes with installing LED, the AEROBAY can pay
for itself in no time!

50,000 hr LED lifespan
based on IES LM-80 results
and TM-21 calculations.
Fixture operation and paint
finish are covered by a
5-year limited warranty.

Ready to order?

Just follow the matrix.

VAN1LED Product Ordering Matrix