Big lumen output.

Better distribution than the MR16.

MDLED's superior light output is smooth, uniform and doesn't waste light the way
halogen does. Available in 20° spot, 30° flood and 40° wide flood distributions.

Control at your fingertips.
Without burning them.

We measured the amount of heat given off by a 12W MDLED with a thermographic camera,
then compared it to 50W MR16 halogen. The results show that LED technology allows the
fixture to run cool to the touch, while halogen will get hot enough to burn your fingers.
Which would you rather handle?

High efficiency, fast payback.

With 12W LEDs, MDLED replaces up to 75W halogen, reducing energy consumption by up
to 80%. And, unlike heat producing halogen lights, MDLED runs cool, saving 10 - 20% in
air conditioning expenses (according to the current Energy Star® Building Upgrade Manual).

Versatile design.

Available with up to four LED heads in trim or trimless versions and white or black color combinations. Fixture heads can be easily shifted into three positions: fully recessed, semi recessed or flush mount. Each head rotates a full 360°, tilts up to 45° and can be easily locked in place with thumb screws.

Guaranteed color performance.

Three color temperatures (2700, 3000, and 3500K) with 2-step consistency are
guaranteed to shift no more than 200K over a five-year period. Combine that with a
high 82 CRI and you've got a specification-grade luminaire that's a cut above the pack.

Built to last.

MDLED is constructed with a die-formed steel housing and mounting frame and die-cast aluminum heads which give the fixture a substantial, high quality feel that is pleasure to install and easy to adjust. Its high durability polyester powder coat finish ensures that it will look great for many years to come.

Add some color.

MDLED works great with third-party color gels to achieve
a dramatic effect or a subtle accent. Plus, cool running
LED won't degrade the gels like hot halogen lamps.

Installation is a snap.

An integral gear tray design with drivers and heads allow for easy installation
and maintenance. Quick disconnect two circuit wiring harness allows for
separate switching. Adjustable ceiling clamps allow for quick, secure installation.

How to order a Remodeler or
New Construction MDLED.

For existing ceilings, order the Remodeler housing and MDLED gear tray.
For new buildings, order the New Construction housing and MDLED gear tray.

But wait, there's more.

Snap-in snoot accessories available in 1 1/2" and 2 1/2".
13" - 24" nailer bars available for wood beam mounting.
Dim it down.
Available with 0-10V, Triac or Lutron dimming.
5 year warranty.
RC warrantees light output, color stability,
driver performance and paint finish.