Retrofitting fluorescent troffers has never been easier.
LED Troffer Retrofit provides a simple, cost-effective upgrade.
Upgrade aesthetics and light output.
The center-basket design includes a diffused lens that delivers soft, even ambient light.
Quick, easy installation.
Troffer Retrofits can be installed by just one person in under 3 minutes, reducing labor costs drastically.
Increase savings even more.
Available with a microwave occupancy sensor so that lights only remain on in occupied areas.
Reduce total cost of ownership.
Upgrading to LED not only provides significant energy savings, but also reduces relamping costs with a lifespan 3 times longer than fluorescent tubes.
Get fast payback.
With annual energy savings of up to $38, combined with the reduced maintenance cost that comes with installing LED, the Troffer Retrofit can pay for itself in no time.
A 90 CRI option is available for applications where high color fidelity is critical
The RC 5-year no compromise warranty covers light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish.

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