Many different LROADs to choose from.

With options ranging from 50-150 Watts, in IES Types II, III and IV, light everything from pathways to expressways with RC LED roadways.

Major Roads and Expressways.

Use 150, 125 or 105 Watt LROAD for major roads, highways, parkways and expressways.

Roadway Classifications.
Major Road - The part of the roadway system that serves as the principle network for through traffic flow. The routes connect areas of principle traffic generation and important rural highways entering the city.
Expressway (Arterial) - A divided major arterial highway for through traffic with full or partial control of access and generally with interchanges at major crossroads. Expressways for non-commercial traffic within parks and park-like areas generally are known as parkways.

Local and Collector Roads.

78 Watt LROAD for roads used for direct access to residential, commercial or industrial property.

Roadway Classifications.
Local - Roadways used primarily for direct access to residential, commercial, industrial, or other abutting property. They do not include roadways carrying through traffic. Long local roadways generally will be divided into short sections by collector roadway system.
Collector - The distributor and collector roadways serving traffic between major and local roadways. These are roadways used mainly for traffic movements within residential, commercial and industrial areas.


Use 150, 125, 105, or 78 Watt LROAD for areas with low to medium volumes of night pedestrian usage.

Pedestrian Conflict Classifications.
Medium - Areas where lesser numbers of pedestrians utilize the streets at night. Typical areas are downtown office areas, blocks with libraries, apartments, neighborhood shopping, industrial, older city areas and streets with transit lines.
Low - Areas with very low volumes of night pedestrian usage. These can occur in any area of the cited roadway classifications, but may be typified by suburban single-family streets, very low-density residential developments, and rural or semi-rural areas.

Alleys, Bike and Walking Paths.

Use 150, 125, 105, or 78 Watt LROAD for areas with low volumes of night pedestrian usage.

Roadway Classifications.
Alley - A narrow public way within a block, generally used for vehicular access to the rear of abutting properties.
Pedestrian Way - Public sidewalks for pedestrian traffic generally not within rights-of-way for vehicular traffic roadways. Inculded are skywalks (pedestrian overpasses), subwalks (pedestrian tunnels), walkways giving access to park or block interiors, and crossings near centers of long blocks.
Bicycle Lane - Any facility that explicitly provides for bicycle travel.

Precision optics.

Precision optics deliver maximum downward street side lumens with uniformity and minimal glare. Available in IES distribution types II, III and IV.


Compatible with standard roadway arms, LROAD comes with universal adaptors for 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" and 2 3/8" OD pipe. Also available with a slipfitter mount.


Get even more savings through utility rebates.
Select LROAD models with roadway arm mount are DLC listed. For more details visit

10 year warranty.

RC's 10-year no compromise warranty covers fixture and finish, lumen maintenance and color shift.

100,000 hour lifespan.

At 10 hours average use per day, get 27 years of LED life without maintenance or relamping.

But wait, there's more.

Free trial.
RC's free trial program makes it easy to get started with
LED and build the consensus needed to take advantage of the energy and maintenance savings of RC LED technology.
Leasing program.
RC offers leasing options tailored to suit the
needs of any project. Finance projects without relying
on federal stimulus or raising funds through bonds.
Swivel photocell, Twistlock photocell
and Tilt Wedge available for LROAD.
5G level safety for high traffic roadways.
Industry-leading 5G vibration rating per ANSI C136.31.

LROAD™ 150W Universal Adaptor Roadway Lights

LED roadway lighting that's easy to buy. Free trial program and leasing options make it easy to get started with LED. Specification-grade optics deliver efficient, clean, uniform light distributions at a reasonable cost. Optics are factory installed and meet IES Distribution Type III. LROAD™ 150W replaces 400W metal halide roadway fixtures.

Product Finish Watts Input Watts Lamp Type Photocell Color Temp LumensCRI L70 Lifespan Voltage TypeDLC
RWLED3T150 RCLBronze150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150N RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150Y RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150W RCLWhite150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150NW RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150YW RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150/BL RCLBronze150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150N/BL RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150Y/BL RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150W/BL RCLWhite150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150NW/BL RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150YW/BL RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150/PCT RCLBronze150155LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150N/PCT RCLBronze150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150Y/PCT RCLBronze150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150W/PCT RCLWhite150155LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150NW/PCT RCLWhite150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150YW/PCT RCLWhite150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150RG RCLGray150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150NRG RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150YRG RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150RG/BL RCLGray150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150NRG/BL RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150YRG/BL RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VBi-LevelDLC
RWLED3T150RG/PCT RCLGray150155LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150NRG/PCT RCLGray150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150YRG/PCT RCLGray150153LED120-277V Twistlock Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VStandardDLC
RWLED3T150/D10 RCLBronze150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150N/D10 RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150Y/D10 RCLBronze150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150W/D10 RCLWhite150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150NW/D10 RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150YW/D10 RCLWhite150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150RG/D10 RCLGray150155LEDNo Photocell5000K (Cool)1683971100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150NRG/D10 RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell4000K (Neutral)1625371100000120-277VDimmableDLC
RWLED3T150YRG/D10 RCLGray150153LEDNo Photocell3000K (Warm)1596670100000120-277VDimmableDLC