High-performance LED tallpacks covers
the footprint of old HID tallpack.

With WPTLED, replacing traditional tallpacks is clean and simple.

Best-in-class performance.

WPTLED comes in at the top of the class when it comes to:

  • lumen output
  • lumens per watt
  • range of lumen packages and CCT

Beauty and brawn.

With a vandalproof frosted polycarbonate lens,
WPTLED is built to withstand harsh environments,
and to look good while doing so.

Replacing HID is clean and simple.

Perfect for high-traffic areas, the WPTLED tallpack delivers
high output, high efficiency light with a design that
covers the footprint of most traditional tallpacks.

Easy installation.

Hinged wiring access and conduit
entry from the side and back make
installation a snap.

IP66 rated.

WPTLED's IP66 rating ensures no
water will ever get inside the fixture.

Photocell supports universal voltage.

The integrated photocell provides universal support for 120-277V that you won't find on other fixtures in this class. Plus, it comes with its own 4kV surge protector to ensure that it operates flawlessly for a long, long time.


WPTLED comes standard
with 0-10V dimming.

100,000 hours
At 10 hours daily use, RC LEDs are rated to last 27 years, dramatically reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs.
5 yr warranty
RC warrantees LED light output, color stability,
driver performance and paint finish.

Ready to order WPTLED? Just follow the matrix.