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Thru Wall R15 Box

Die cast aluminum for thru-wall or conduit end floodlight mounting. Three 1/2" threaded holes. Side opening cover for easy access and splicing. 1/2" thru wall tapped hub.

Y Adaptor

Sand cast aluminum "Y" adapter mounts two floodlights in a single 1/2" threaded hole.

Mounting Trough

Aluminum trough holds up to 7 Floodlights for full 360?gasketed coverage from a single location. Trough measures 11" long. Five 1/2" tapped hubs on top, 3 on bottom, 1 on side.

Slipfitter R5/R7

Aluminum Pole Slipfitters for mounting fixtures or boxes to top of poles or posts. 1/2" top tap standard. 3/4" top tap on R5-3/4 and R7-3/4 only. Set screws provided.

In-line Connectors

Available in four configurations, RAB in-line connectors enable RAB fixtures to be mounted to an assortment of RAB arms. Connectors come in black, white and bronze to match RAB fixtures.